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Welcome to my unofficial Lichess4545 stats site!

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Detailed statistical reports on every Lichess4545, LoneWolf and Lichess960 season

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Under construction. Currently shows match ‘story’ visualisations for recent 4545 seasons.

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All previous season award winners and honourable mentions.

Other stuff
Players by continent/country, team logo gallery

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Current league statuses
Season 33 in progress (5 Dec to 30 Jan) Register
Season 27 in progress (22 Nov to 7 Feb)
Season 23 in progress (7 Nov to 26 Dec) Register
Community leagues: Season 19 of Series started on 5 September, as did Season 17 of Rapid Battle. Naturally, Infinite Quest just keeps going :) Check out the Lichess4545 overview for more details.

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30 Nov 2022


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